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‘My Trips to Italy’ – Experience Italy the Italian way

My Trips To Italy


What makes our trips to Italy different and unique?

We organise specialist trips to Italy. Take a guided tour of the main Italian cities in the safe hands of experienced bilingual guides. ‘My Trips To Italy’ will make your experience unforgettable.

Together with our community of loyal customers, we’ll welcome you aboard and make you feel like you’re travelling with family. We’ll show you the real Italy from the famous sights to the hidden secrets, and help you avoid the tourist traps. We’ll go to the places where the locals go for dinner, and help you to communicate in authentic situations.

At the booking stage, we take the time to get to know you and listen to your needs, so we understand exactly what you want.

We speak italiano

Our trips are not only a great way to see Italy, but also an easy way to learn the language and practise using it. Don’t worry about your level of Italian, we create bespoke in-situation activities to make sure everyone gets to speak as much (or as little) as they want.

A passion for quality

‘My Trips To Italy’ is sponsored by Passione Italiana, so you know you are in good hands!  When you travel with us you can be completely sure that all aspects of it will have been worked on with passion. With many big companies this may not always be the case – especially if they simply ‘back’ a tour already operated by a local company in Italy. This often results in disjointed commentaries, or an itinerary that isn’t as tailored as you’d expected. We personally select every element of your trip so they’re exactly right for you. All of our tours are managed by an experienced tour manager.

We hear you!

We’ve always worked hard not just to meet, but to exceed the expectations of our discerning clients – by listening to them extremely carefully over the years and evolving our holidays accordingly. So when you travel, you can rest assured we’ve done all the hard work for you. We describe our holidays as ‘escorted tours’ which means we’re with you all the way to your chosen destination and back!

‘My Trips To Italy’, Your Unique Experience

We’re passionate about being an independent company – not part of a large, multinational, often impersonal organisation. This precious independence means we’re free to create great trips, whilst providing the best value for money.

Book today

To book complete the Trips Booking form online.

Make sure you send the form in by the deadline and that you read the Ts & Cs.

So, what’s involved?

For your peace of mind, the trip fee covers everything you will need, see and do:

Guided sightseeing
The price you pay includes entrance to all the attractions we go to. You’ll also have the chance to visit the city alone or in small groups.

Eat with the Locals
Lunchtimes are free times – we break up and everyone can eat where they like with whom they like. At dinner, we’ll take you to an authentic Italian restaurant, where you can experience the genuine taste of Italy and sample local cuisine. We split the dinner bill equally, alla romana, as we say in Italy, but everyone pays individually for what they drink, it’s only fair.

Full-time Tour Leaders
As teacher-guides, we’ll be with you throughout the day. When we are not telling you about local history or famous artwork, we’ll handle all on-tour logistics and other needs you may have.

Learning the Language
We prepare unique language activities, games and tailor-made handouts which will help you learn Italian in real-life setting, expand your vocabulary and boost your confidence. Don’t worry if you’re a complete beginner or you already speak Italian, we’ll make sure that you get the right opportunity to communicate with native speakers and enrich your language skills. We also prepare a booklet containing information about the city and useful phrases to help you get around.

Experience Italy the Italian way


Same again, please!

Most of our customers have joined us for many trips, even in the same city. This is because they know we plan new and exciting experiences every time!